Wondering what I’m working on now?  Here’s a sneak peek.

Post-Apocalyptic Romance – (yeah, seriously!) about a scientist and her unwelcome, unexpected and suspicious companion on the run from a group of ruthless men who are planning to use the vaccine/cure she developed  to control the survivors of the virulent plague that wiped out most of the human race…and is still killing all new life.

Space Opera Romance – about a woman on a mission to rescue her sister and exact revenge from an evil Overlord…oh, and because it’s a romance, it’s also about the renegade she hires (blackmails? bribes?) to help her!

Contemporary Romance – about the wild ride that ensues when a woman is mistaken for her twin sister by both the man her sister allegedly stole from and some not-so-nice criminals.

Historical Romance – about an Irish colleen and the Mountie to whom her missing gold-miner, scalawag of a father has betrothed her as a mail order bride…without the knowledge or consent of either!

Paranormal YA – about a young woman accidentally dragged into a parallel world of magic and the young fire mage she must accompany on a quest for justice and vengeance before she can return to her own world.