The Promise of Canaan and Don’t Stop Running available in print

Trusting each other is the only thing that will keep them alive…

Photojournalist Lilly Carlisle is having a very bad day. She’s lost – well, not lost exactly, more like stranded far from her cabin – in the vast wilds of northern Ontario. There’s a thunderstorm rolling in, night is falling and so is the temperature, and her cell phone is as waterlogged as her canoe, not to mention the hole in it. The canoe that is, not the phone. Not that she likely could have gotten a signal anyway. And, oh, yeah, she’s just been abducted by a gun-toting mad man!

Undercover RCMP Corporal Remy Gallagher is having an even worse day. The supernova of craptastic days, in fact. The Great Lakes gun and drug smuggling ring he’s infiltrated in a cross-border sting operation has snowballed into a matter of national security for both countries. His cover’s just been blown wide open by a suspected terrorist from his past. He’s on the run in the backwoods of northern Ontario with no way to contact his partners for backup or to let them know the ante has been upped. And if that’s not enough, he also has a bullet hole in his shoulder.

When Remy first stumbles across Lilly, he doesn’t know which side she’s on, but it doesn’t take him long to figure out that she’s no smuggler or terrorist. She’s just unlucky enough to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. But the lunatic woman doesn’t have an ounce of self-preservation! Even with his gun pointed at her, she just doesn’t know when to stop mouthing off and shut up. She’s as mule-headed and single-minded as he is, refusing to believe he’s a cop or that her life is also now in danger. And, despite the gun, she’s doing a pretty decent job of trying to kick his fevered backside into next week.

They may not like each other, but working together is what it will take for both of them to survive.  Learning to put their trust – and possibly their hearts – on the line is the only way for the reluctant allies to endure the harsh wilderness and outwit the men bent on stopping them at any cost…including murder.

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If life were a television series, then Gabriel Benton’s life has suddenly become an episode in the classic Twilight Zone…where nothing is as he thought it was…

When Gabe returns home to his family’s Niagara Peninsula vineyard, after close to ten years in Europe, for the funeral of the father he’s only recently reconciled with, there is more than one shock waiting for him.  The first is that his father has not cut him out of his will as Gabe had always supposed; Gabe is now a co-owner of the Stone Crock and Oak Barrel Winery with his mother…and his ex-wife, Ayanna.  And second, Ayanna is thought of and treated as a daughter by his mother, and she and her sister have apparently been living with his parents for nearly a decade…something that no one had bothered to tell him.  Third, sometime between trying to poison him—figuratively, not literally—with her cooking during their brief marriage and Gabe’s return to Canada, his ex-wife has become the highly-regarded chef of the winery’s onsite restaurant.

And life has a few more surprises in store for Gabe, not the least of which is being blind-sided by the very unexpected sexual attraction he still feels every time he’s in the same room with Ayanna.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist or a relationship counselor to tell Gabe what he already knows…Ayanna would likely throw herself into the Niagara gorge or over the Falls before letting him anywhere near her body—or her heart—ever again.  She has every reason to hate the cheating, vice-addicted wild boy he’d once been…and he can’t really blame her.

So, exactly how, in the name of Dionysus, god of ritual madness and ecstasy, is he supposed to make this partnership work?

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Underground Railroad conductor Quin Sutton never anticipated being captured on his last trip. And when he escapes, his decision to plunge straight into the heart of danger again instead of heading north has him questioning his own sanity. But he has a year-old promise to a little boy to honor…find the slave girl Evangeline and conduct her to freedom.

But Evangeline is not the teenage girl Quin expected; she’s a very beautiful woman, and from all appearances, she is most definitely not the saint she’d been painted. Quin is angered and appalled by the woman Evangeline appears to be, but it will not stop him from fulfilling his promise, despite her protests.

Evangeline has dreamt of fleeing the oppression and enslavement of her life every day since she was old enough to know what the word slavery meant. But she has secrets Quin knows nothing about, including a beloved daughter captive by her master as leverage against her.

When Quin learns the truth and volunteers to go after Evangeline’s daughter, his rescue mission lands him with more slaves than the one little girl he went to fetch, making the journey north even more complicated and dangerous.

As the tension-filled months pass, Quin and Evangeline’s antagonistic start gradually changes to respect and friendship, and eventually the love of a lifetime. But happy every after is as much a dream as freedom unless they can reach safety in Canada…a hope for the future made even riskier when both would rather die than be returned to a life of slavery.

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What was a nice Italian girl doing in an Irish Pub on St. Patrick’s Day?Whatever Angelina Marinucci had thought she’d be doing, it certainly was not what she is doing, which is hiding out in the ladies’ room to delay her best friend’s sneaky matchmaking machinations!

After stalling for as long as possible, a resigned Angel dodges her way through the crowded bar to face the inevitable, but before she can rejoin her friends, she runs smack into—literally!—Declan Harrigan. Fourteen years ago Deck had been one of the coolest and hottest guys in high school—star pupil, star athlete, star everything…including star of Angel’s secret teenage dreams. Hopeless dreams…because Angel and Deck had only ever been friends.

Things have come easy to Declan all his life; good grades, money, a career as a professional athlete, girls, and later, women. Back in high school, he’d been too shallow, too superficial and too concerned with his own popularity to date his friend Angel, the overweight girl, despite the fact that he’d liked her…really liked her. But Deck is a different person now.

They haven’t seen each other in a dozen years…and now it’s Angel who’s starring in Deck’s very adult fantasies. But can he convince her to give him a second chance?

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Book 3 in the Atticus Chronicles (stands alone)

When Jack and Siobhan divorced, the truth is, neither really wanted it. But anger, misunderstandings and the inability to communicate with each other, despite more than ten years of marriage, spun things out of control and the divorce happened anyway.

Neither, however, has moved on, though four years have passed.

Now fate and circumstance have conspired to re-unite them as they help arrange the last-minute Christmas wedding of friends.  The facade of icy indifference with which they have been dealing with each other while sharing custody of their children begins to crack. When the two of them end up accidentally locked in a wine cellar, it finally breaks wide open, melting the ice and turning it into steam heat.

With wedding fever and Christmas magic in the air–and a little help from a couple of four-legged elves–Jack and Siobhan may just find out that sexual chemistry may not be all that is still between them.

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Book 2 in the Atticus Chronicles (stands alone)

Love at first sight?

When pigs fly and the earth stops spinning!

For Skye Hagens and Rome James it was loathing at first sight. Under Skye’s stunning blonde bombshell looks beat the heart of a ball-busting man-hater as far as Rome was concerned. And Skye? Well, in her opinion, rude, insensitive, arrogant jerk didn’t even begin to cover the list of Rome’s sins.

Thank the lucky stars their lives on opposite sides of the country kept their paths from crossing too often.

Until the day destiny stepped in and their stars collided…in the form of a business trip and one needy cat. A week under the same roof with no referee in sight? One, or both, of them was going to end up in an insane asylum or jailed for murder!

But as the days pass, each finds that first impressions are often deceiving. Neither Skye nor Rome is as the other thought and the sexual chemistry both have always resented and kept a tight lid on is about to blow it’s top…in a big way!

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First Place Winner in Whispers Publishing’s New Year’s Resolution Contest

Book 1 in the Atticus Chronicles (stands alone)

PJ James’ New Year’s resolution is to make no resolutions, especially of the romantic kind. She’s always failed at her resolutions in the past, and this year she’s going to save herself from the pressure to succeed and the guilt of failure. But as the New Year approaches, she begins to wonder if she’s completely jinxed herself by bucking tradition when she meets the perfect man…and he turns out to be gay. Or is he? And just exactly what else is he hiding from her?

Bastian St. John is beginning to question his failure to listen to his instincts. He should have told PJ his real reason for hanging around her small town, but his dedication to her brother along with a promise of confidentiality kept him silent. The only problem was his undercover assignment wasn’t turning out exactly as he intended.

First, the idea of being a bouncer in a gay club would have worked out well had PJ James not been so damned sexy. And second, the closer he got to her, the more he wanted to tell her the truth…that her life was in danger, and it was his job to protect her. And damn duty, ethics, and promises. He wanted her, and he usually got what he wanted.

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